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  Our Price Structure

Our Price Structure has three components: 1) System development, 2) Modifications and enhancements, and 3) Custom services. These are explained in more detail as follows:

Business Solution System Development:
Our charges for site development are normally quoted fixed price based on the requirements and scope of your system. In general, these charges cover all development effort and testing required to put your system into production. This charge normally includes:
    •  Develop all customer and administrative browser programs
    •  Usage of temporary server and internet connection during site development
    •  Coordinate with your commercial artists with regard to their preparation of image files
    •  Coordinate with your staff with regard to their preparation of data uploads into the database
    •  Perform one-time loading of all image and text files
    •  Provide training and manuals for your personnel in all administrative tools and functions
    •  Provide continuing support for site adjustments to maintain peak performance under customer load

Modifications and Enhancements (M&E):
As with the original system, our charges for M&Es are normally quoted fixed price based on the requirements and scope of the M&E. These charges cover all development and testing effort required to put your M&E into production. Included in this category are:

Custom Services:
We can provide custom services that you may require. Normally these are charged on a time and materials basis. These can include:
    •  Image and graphics preparation and file creation
    •  Data entry of text information
    •  System data administration