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  Our Interactive Development Approach
Together We're A Team:
In building your system, our style is to work closely with you, developing the system interactively. You will have the opportunity for hands-on evaluation during development, so you can quickly evaluate that the system is evolving into what you expect. Often, these iterations will identify improvements in the design which could only be apparent from experiencing the actual look and feel of the system. In this regard, we prototype logical groups of features, have you test them, and then iterate on the prototype until it meets with your approval at each stage along the way. This approach provides the most rapid development at the least cost and assures you that the final system meets your needs.

We take this approach for both the customer interface to your system, and also with your administrative interface which allows you to manage your system directly from your business location(s).

Web-Related Technologies We Can Employ As Appropriate:
Packe Connected Commerce can match your needs with the technologies appropriate to your business situation. After working with you to arrive at an approach, we will customize your design to give you optimal integration with and augmentation of your business practices. We will prototype the application the selected technologies and have you test drive them before moving to full implementation.

The technologies which we can employ as an integral part of your system include:

  • Email
  • File Upload/Download via Browser
  • Credit Card
  • AutoFAX
  • Pager Dialing/Messaging
  • Audio
  • Video
  • EDI

Access to System During Development:
During its development, you will be able to access your system directly from your business location(s). For this purpose, your site will be assigned an unlisted internet address along with passwords for access, and with appropriate home page disclaimers to warn anyone who may inadvertently find your system. This approach permits all your appropriate personnel to conveniently review and check the system during development.

Final Acceptance of System:
Once your system has been fully developed, all data loaded, and all security in place, you will have final approval and acceptance prior to going operational. Having worked iteratively with you during the site development, this final acceptance is normally a routine matter.

Training and Development Duplicate System:
Once your system is in production, a duplicate system and duplicate database will be installed at a different Web address. This duplicate system can be used for a variety of purposes, the primary ones being training and testing of modifications and enhancements. Using it for training assures that the production system data is not compromised. The duplicate will also have appropriate disclaimers to warn that it is NOT the production system. Also, as appropriate, access can be further limited than the production system for special testing.