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  Our Principles and Practices


We utilize a variety of security measures to assure that your system is only used for the authorized purposes you specify, and is not vulnerable to unauthorized use, disclosure, or modification of your data. We do not publicly reveal the details of these security measures so as not to aid those who might seek to violate security; however, the following is a general discussion of the various types of security we use:

  • HTTPS (SSL) encryption is utilized to transmit sensitive data between the browser and your server, and for administrative management of the system from your business location(s).
  • Userids and passwords are used for access to your systems
  • SSH and other encryption is used to transmit your company's business-sensitive data between the server and your company
  • Several proprietary security features are built directly into the application to prevent spoofing or hacking into the system
  • TEXIS passwords are utilized to prevent database access from your unauthorized IT staff
  • Where appropriate, customer-and business-sensitive data is encrypted within the TEXIS database using the built-in encryption algorithm