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Web-based business solutions content can be classified in four tiers. While this classification is convenient for laying out the page hierarchy structure internally, a well-designed Web application will utilize and blend all four.

Tier 1: Business Data
This data is required by your staff/customers/suppliers to to perform their direct transactions. This data is stored in a TEXIS high performance relational database, the heart of your system. Typical of these are:
    •  Specific products, prices, availability, related products
    •  Work request descriptions and specifications
    •  Employee skills, labor rates, loading
    •  Management contact information and approval chains
    •  Manuals, standard operating procedures, Government regulation documents

Tier 2: Links to Backroom Operation and Computer Systems
This data provides your staff and customers with real-time or near-real-time data such as order tracking, inventory availability, shipping status, customer account status (billings, payments, orders, job status, etc)

Tier 3: Customer Enrichment Information
A Web-based system offers the opportunity to provide enrichment information to assist a customer's understanding of your industry, your business, your products, and your services. This kind of supplementary information will allow your customers to get answers to routine questions and free your staff to respond to the more complex and revenue-enhancing questions that will win customers over to your company. Typical in this venue are:
    •  About our industry
    •  About our company and personnel
    •  About our products and services
    •  About our customer support
    •  About this system
    •  Frequently asked questions

Within this tier, hyperlinks can move customers directly to specific revenue-producing elements of your site

Tier 4: General Supplementary and Helpful Information
When customers can find the full gamut of information they wish to know directly from your site, it will create a magnetic appeal for them. Supplementary information serves an important business purpose in building your credentials and drawing customers to your site. Typical of this category are:
    •  How to's in selecting and using your products and services
    •  Hyperlinks to relevant external Web sites