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  Our Principles and Practices


Efficient use of your staff and customer's time is one of our key criteria in assuring that you will find utilizing your PCC  business solution an efficient and rewarding experience. With the wide variety of platforms, browsers, browser versions, browser plug-ins and internet connection speeds, we approach the browser page design conservatively. Since our clients are business-commerce oriented, we design for the business end-user whose computer and internet connection are adequate for commerce but not necessarily the latest state of the art.

To achieve this conservative design, we define a "reference" internet user, and design our sites so that this "reference" user gets excellent overall performance. This is accomplished by a selective use of graphics, images, and other multimedia forms only where they clearly add value to the sites message, by designing our page formats so that users may read text information while images are loading, and by the use of limited-length text screens.

Our design goal is that a "reference" user can load any screen from your system in a few seconds. Where the user requests specific detailed information (such as large detailed images), our practice is to estimate the load time for such information for the "reference" user and then give the user a choice to proceed or not with the download.