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Packe Connected Commerce (PCC) provides Web-enabled business management and E-commerce solutions.

PCC  systems have been and are currently being used to manage multi-million dollar contracts with the Government as well as other more moderate applications.

PCC  specializes in solutions where high-volume extensive database transactions or sophisticated search capability are required to serve your needs in management, job-estimating, marketing, and customer support.   PCC solutions can include dynamic interfaces to your existing back-room systems for ordering, invoicing, shipping, tracking, inventory management, and the like.

PCC can also augment the functionality of your existing Web site by adding full search and transaction capability with no modification to your present site except hyperlink references.

PCC's  solutions can operate on your own server, or PCC can provide turn-key capability if you prefer.

PCC solutions provide you access and control of your data directly from your business location(s) with special secure administrative browser pages. Your staff stays in full control of your business presence from their location while your PCC-built systems are delighting your customers with a high-performance secure experience to enhance your business image.

PCC can create a cost-effective solution tailor-made to your business needs and then continue to assist you with growth and enhancements as your needs grow and develop.  

We look forward to being your supplier of choice.